Spincard app is a high-tech update to the business card

(WXYZ) - How many business cards have you collected over the years, and more importantly, how many have you lost? 

Well, an app created right here in metro Detroit helps you keep a virtual rolodex of sorts, eliminating that age-old networking problem. 

It's called the Spincard app and the concept is simple. 

Every user is given a six digit code, which, within the app links to your social profiles and contact information.

At your next networking event, instead of giving out tons of business cards that may get lost in the shuffle, you just give out your code.

The potential employer or contact can then just plug your code into the app and bring up all of your profiles. That includes a large photo of yourself, because, let's be honest, sometimes we forget who is who after a long networking event.

The clever thing about this virtual storage of business contact information is if for some reason your phone number changes, the person who has your profile stored will get a notification.

No more having to reprint hundreds of cards for a simple change.

The app is free and available on iOS and Android.

Read more about the Spincard app HERE.