The future of parking? Robot finds spot for car at airport in Germany

(WXYZ) - The future of parking could actually be hassle free! Can you believe it?

It's fast and fascinating—two words that you'd never think to use to describe finding a parking spot at the airport.

But a robot named Ray is becoming quite the attraction. With Ray, travelers arriving and departing from a German airport no longer have to deal with parking woes.

The driverless transport system will come grab your car and park it for you.

People just have to drop their car off at a transfer station, and scan a QR code on a nearby display that will save the ticket and car information.

After the transfer station measures the car, Ray will park it  for you.

When you come to pick it up, the system will locate your car and deliver it back to the transfer station in about three to five minutes.

Now, the robot lifts the car from under its front and rear wheels, so you don't have to worry about any damage. 

Check out more about it HERE.