The perfect iPhone add on for budding astronomers and scientists

iPhone case for telescopes and microscopes

(WXYZ) - Analysts predict 46.5 million iPhones will be sold in the weeks leading up to Christmas--and with those phones will come thousands of apps and add ons.

If you have a budding astronomer or scientist on your shopping list, Arcturus Labs has the perfect gadget to make that iPhone complete.

The Magnifi iPhone case turns your Smartphone into a high quality photo capture device for telescopes, microscopes and binoculars.

The Magnifi is the brainchild of Isaac Penny and his wife.

"In graduate school I was using microscopes a fair bit for my research," Penny tells us in a Skype interview from Singapore. "And everyone around me was holding the phone up to the eyepiece and taking pictures because it was a lot more convenient and higher quality than the cameras that were attached to the microscopes. "

The case slips over your iPhone and then couples with an eyepiece adaptor using and SLR-style bayonet connector. Using the built in iPhone camera app, you simply fine-tune the image alignment, focus and snap. The result is an incredibly detailed image.

The Magnifi is available for iPhone 4 and 4s now for about $80, but developers are about to release an iPhone 5 case. 

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