Watch the brain in action with imaging technology dubbed "Glass Brain"

(WXYZ) - Ever wonder what the inside of your brain looks like?

Well, one project is basically letting people take a virtual reality tour of their brain. 

The new imaging technology is being called Glass Brain -and researchers at the University of California, San Francisco are  helping people take a look at the inner workings of the vital organ.

Participants just have to strap on a special cap lined with electrodes.

The cap reads brain activity and generates a high resolution,  3D version of  the  brain, skull, scalp and tissue.

The 3D visualization shows people real-time activity in their brain, and with the help of a tablet, they can fly around the brain's different regions.
You can actually see information transferred through the pulses of light connecting the brain regions.  It's pretty neat.

Researchers say on the school's website that they hope the technology can help improve brain health. 

Some of the researchers were tweeting about showing off the Glass Brain at South by Southwest Interactive. The huge conference in Austin, Texas focuses on emerging technology. 

Check out more about the Glass Brain here:

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