When it comes to social media, who uses it more?

(WXYZ) - When it comes to social media, who is the dominant force: men or women? 

Well, in the battle of the sexes, women are taking top honors, at least when it comes to social media, sorry fellas.

Finances Online did a round up of demographic surveys and found that women are more dominant on social media sites. 

Research shows that 76 percent of women use Facebook over 66 percent of men, and women also take the lead on Instagram with 5 percent more women using the photo sharing app than men.

And you can guess who leads when it comes to using Pinterest (33% of women compared to just 8% of men.) 

Not only do women use social media more often than men, but surveys show they also use the sites in more ways, like interacting more with brands and consuming more news.

Women are also leading the trend for social media use on a mobile device. More women are using smartphones and 10 percent more women use tablets over men for social media purposes .

Now, the men did win in one category and that's on the social media site Linkedin.F inances Online shows that a larger percentage of men (24%) use that social media site compared to women (19%.)  

Check out the nifty infographic from Finances Online below: 
Why Women Are The Real Power Behind Social Media
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