Scrappers target several homes on Detroit's northwest side

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Scrappers have been attacking vacant buildings in Detroit for years. 

Their favorite target is copper pipe which is valuable on the scrap market. 

This week, they've hit several occupied homes on Detroit's northwest side. 

Susan Watts believes they hit Wednesday night. 

She noticed the copper line that runs from her basement to her outside air conditioner unit was stripped clean off. 

With the cooler weather this week, she didn't have to run the air. 

She lives in the home her family has owned for 43 years and she has annual home improvement projects that she includes in her budget. 

She will soon find out the cost of this repair and if it is covered by her insurance. 

Drake Jones who also lives on the block says the thieves are unexpected because all of the homes are occupied and they have an active block club with police officers and church members involved.

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