Body of missing swimmer in Cass Lake found

(WXYZ) - Divers have found the body of a man who went missing while swimming in Cass Lake in Waterford Township, according to Waterford police.

"I just heard people screaming and yelling for the guy to come in," said Edward Leser. 

Leser said other people at Dodge State Park in Waterford Township were worried about the 59-year-old Pontiac man because he was out far in the water.  The water starts out waist high and can get deeper quickly.

"I heard his family say he was a good swimmer and he was fine," said Leser.

But something went wrong.  The dad swam out farther away from the rest of his family and his son he was playing when he went under the water.  The family stayed close to the search the entire time.

"He obviously got under distress and went under and couldn't get himself out," said Oakland County Sheriff Michael Bouchard. 

Divers found the father's body about 100 yards off shore near a drop off where the water is over 20 feet deep.

"Very hot day.  Even if you're in the water you can be dehydrated.  And if suddenly you find you're suddenly at that drop off and you're swimming to get off of it and back to solid footing you expend your energy very, very, fast," said Sheriff Bouchard.

The family they had been in an area of the park where people frequently swim and barbeque.

The Waterford Police Department, Fire Department, West Bloomfield and the Oakland County Marine Division were all on scene helping with the search.

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