Selling your used smartphone? Company recovers personal data from phones bought online

(WXYZ) - Think selling used cell phones is a good idea?

You may want to think twice the next time you're considering auctioning off your Android on Ebay. Those texts and pictures you thought you deleted from your phone may still be accessible. 

A new study shows that much of the content we think we wipe from our phone, can easily be retrieved with the right software.

Officials from security software firm Avast said they  bought  a variety of used Androids online and were able to recover more than 40,000 personal photos, emails and texts.

In some cases, the company even said they could figure out the identity of the sellers.

The president of mobile at Avast says in a press release that they found everything from a filled out loan form to more than 250 pictures of the previous owner’s private parts.

Avast analyzed 20 used smartphones and said the owners used a factory reset or delete all operation.
Guess, it didn’t work too well.

The company recommends using software that can overwrite those files, making personal data irretrievable.

Read more about their study HERE

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