Sewage backup causes big headache for Royal Oak residents

A look down Barrett Ave in Royal Oak and you know something is wrong.

Residents along the street, like many in Royal Oak, have taken all they own from their basements to the curb because Monday’s floods caused a massive sewage backup.

Dave Durant shared video with Action News of his toilet exploding in his basement, spewing raw sewage on everything it touches as the toxic water level rises.

"It didn’t stop for four hours and there was nothing we could," says Durant.

The family believes the cost to replace the basement items is well over $15,000. They have a little insurance, but it won’t cover the entire cost.

"We're just hoping relief comes sometimes sooner or later," says Michelle Duvall.

But it may never come. Royal Oak’s city manager has told media outlets despite a county and state declaration of disaster making the way for Federal funds for the city, it will most likely only cover repairs to public property, possibly offering no relief for residents.

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