Shoe print could be key in Millsap murder probe

(WXYZ) Armada, Mich. - The 7 Action News Investigators continue to learn new details in the murder case of April Millsap.

Sources tell Action News, a key piece of evidence they have been looking for, for some time, is a pair of shoes or boots, that the suspect is believed to have been wearing at the time of the murder.

Action News learned weeks ago, that a shoe or boot print was found on April's body. Investigators want to analyze a possible match to what was found on the body.

Action News has also learned, an FBI search team was at the Smiths Creek Landfill on both August 4th and 5th, looking for evidence. This was days after Millsap's murder. And its believed the trash was from the VanCallis home. James VanCallis Jr. is the person of interest in the case.

While evidence was taken from that trash, sources say, the search for the right shoe or boot has been ongoing. And investigators are still looking for physical evidence to tie a suspect to the crime.

The mother of April Millsap told Action News, police have kept her in the dark about what they have been searching for and what if anything they found.

Meanwhile, The Investigators spent the day in Armada and have uncovered exclusive information about the person of interest in this case.

Look for that part of the story, tonight on Action News at 6 and on WXYZ.COM.

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