DEBATE: Proposed Michigan law would allow guns in schools, churches

(WXYZ) - The debate over gun control rages on across the country and here in Michigan where Republicans pushed through controversial legislation last week.

Under the law in question, concealed guns would be allowed in places like schools and churches.

The law would also ban open carry in schools.

"Currently, right now there are no gun-free zones in Michigan. Everybody thinks there are, but that's actually not the law," State Senate Judiciary Chairman Rick Jones told Action News.

"Under open carry someone can put out a gun just like a cowboy in the old west and walk into any gun-free zone," Jones said.

Still the state's largest teacher's union said the new law is wrong for schools and Democrats are pouncing on it too, calling it potentially dangerous.

"I believe schools are supposed to be a safe place for kids," said State Representative and Democratic Minority Leader Richard Hammel.

"I think that schools ought to be off-limits when it comes to guns, which is why I did not support the bill," Hammel said.

Governor Snyder has not yet said whether he will sign the bill or veto it.

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