Sickweather app helps you avoid "sick zones"

(WXYZ) - 'Tis the season to be jolly…and, unfortunately, it's also the season to get the flu.

But one app is helping to alert you to germs in the air.  Think of it as a radar for sickness.

The app, appropriately named Sickweather, alerts users in real time when they enter what are called sick zones.

How it works is pretty neat. The app basically uses data from social media along with GPS technology to keep you up-to-date on if there is any sniffling, sneezing or wheezing nearby.

So, say, Joe Smith tweets that he has a nasty case of a stomach bug and he's close by, the app will send you an alert that you may be exposed to those germs.

It also plots sick notifications on a handy map, so you can visually see where all the sick reports are around you.

If you want to pinpoint something specific, you can choose from a list of illnesses.

The CEO and Cofounder of Sickweather says he hopes the app helps reduce the spread of illness. 

Check out more about the free iPhone app here:

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