Sizzling summer-like weather coming, but when do we get to the 90s?

I saw this guy on roller blades over the weekend and it made me think of the 90s. Whether you want to go back to the 90s or not, we're probably headed back there.

I don't mean the 1990s, also the amazing era of Tickle Me Elmo, Pokemon frosted tips, and dial-up internet, among other things. No, I mean sizzling temperatures in Detroit of at least 90 degrees.

We haven't hit that milestone yet this year, with lots of days lately topping out in the pleasant 70s and 80s.

The closest we've come is 88 degrees back on May 13, just ahead of a strong cold front that knocked us 25 degrees cooler the next day.

In a typical year, we hit or pass 90 for a high temperature on twelve days.

Wondering what the earliest day in the year metro Detroit has recorded a 90 degree high? That was back in the 1890s.

On May 5, 1895, we topped out at 90 the year before Henry Ford made his first Ford Quadricycle.

On average around here, we hit 90 for the first time on June 19. Not too much about this year has been average, but, as you can see on the First Alert 7 Day Forecast and exclusive 2nd 7 on 7 - which goes through June 24, it may not be in the cards soon. Check the forecast here:

Of course, that outlook is highly subject to change, kind of like fads.

If we are going back to the 1990s, will someone please help me find my pager?

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