Smart pill bottles could help patients remember to take their medicine

(WXYZ) - Smart pill bottles could change the future of prescription drug packaging.

The patented smart pill bottles created by AdhereTech are designed to track the amount of medication inside in real -time.

The company says every time the bottle is used, it automatically sends data to Adhere Tech that includes a time stamp of the open and close of the cap and the amount of medication removed.

The company's system then analyzes the data and figures out if the patient is following their recommended dosage schedule.

If the system notices the patient isn't taking the appropriate dose at the right time, it will alert them with a phone call or a text.

The bottle will also light up and chime.

This year the company says they plan to start their pharmaceutical pilots.  So, we'll have to keep our eyes on this one.

For more information, check out the AdhereTech website here:

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