Snow rage prompts man to shoot at plow

A Pittsfield Township man was so angry that the snow near his car wasn't cleared that he directed his outrage at the driver of a snow plow and opened fire.
The driver was unharmed in the incident, but still shaken up. Early Tuesday morning, he was clearing out the parking lot of Valley Ranch Apartments when all of a sudden, a bullet went through his windshield.
"I guess I didn't get it pushed up out of the way fast enough for him," said Ben Clink, the driver of the plow. 
Plowing through miles and miles of whitewashed pavement, Clink is doing what many would consider a good thing. But Clink’s work wasn’t good enough for a man who lived in the Pittsfield Township apartment complex. 
“When he was stopped in front of me and all of a sudden, I saw him reach his hand in his pocket, that’s when I knew something was going on.” said Clink. 
Clink says the man was unhappy the plow didn’t clear the snow around his wife’s car fast enough. The man fired a single shot into Ben’s windshield. The confrontation didn’t end there.
“He came up to the side door still pointing the gun at me." said Clink, "And I was like, ‘Do not shoot me dude. Don’t  do it.’ I was like, ‘I will get the snow moved. I’ll get it moved right now. Right now, I’ll get it moved. Do not shoot me.’”
Police say the shooter has a concealed pistol license for the firearm, and did turn himself in to authorities.
Clink was unharmed, but the incident is changing the way plow drivers in this neighborhood are thinking about safety.  
“I just wonder what’s going to happen the next time it snows.”  said Clink.
The 39-year-old shooter is in the Washtenaw County jail. His arraignment is expected to be held Wednesday afternoon


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