Snyder weighs in on Detroit primary vote

DETROIT (WXYZ) - As the state canvassing board now prepares to examine Detroit's 18,000 mayoral primary votes in limbo, Governor Rick Snyder says he still believes in the canvassing process despite the latest developments.

Snyder took a diplomatic stance on all that's unfolded and says a resolution on the controversy will come very soon.

"Elections, democracy are fundamental critical aspects of our society." said Snyder, "And the good part is I think you're seeing good feedback from the state elections bureau and the secretary of state and the state board of canvassers to get this resolved."

As finger pointing continues between city and county leaders in Detroit, Snyder says he doesn't believe there should be any reform in election procedures due to the primary controversy.

"This was an application of the process," said Snyder, "I think the process works pretty well. I think some people had some different variations this time."

Snyder believes cooler heads will prevail when the state examines the results.

"And I'm confident they're going to do a good job on resolving this," said Snyder, "And hopefully give better guidance so we don't have this happen again."

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