Soical worker's murder remains unsolved

Her family pleads for justice

(WXYZ)-Pontiac, MI - Tanisha Silas McDaniel spent dedicated her life to helping others.  Now, family members are hoping someone out there can help her.

At times, the pain of losing her oldest daughter is almost too much for Nesie Silas to handle.  "In my mind, it's like she is out of town and she'll be back.  I haven't let go." said Silas.

November 13, 2012, a moment of violence ended Tanisha's life.  Law enforcement officials believe the 33-year-old social worker returned to her home on Tucker Street in Pontiac and interrupted a home invasion.  When her husband returned home, he discovered her bleeding body on the kitchen floor.  She had been shot multiple times. 

As the days turn into weeks, and the weeks turn into months, the questions and anger still linger for her family. They want to know who killed Tanisha, and why.

"I hope that it haunts you everyday that you breathe, and she's not." said Tanisha's sister Christinia.  "I hope that it gets to the point that you can't live with yourself, that's what I hope for you."

If you have any information about Tanisha's murder, call the Oakland County Sheriff's Department or Crime Stoppers.  1-800-SPEAK UP.

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