Some University of Michigan students don't want Mary Barra to be Spring Commencement speaker

Some University of Michigan students don't want GM CEO Mary Barra to be the Spring Commencement speaker.
The Graduate Employees' Organization that represents 1,800 grad students at the university passed a resolution with the support of the Student Union of Michigan. In it, they outline issues they have with Barra being chosen as the commencement speaker.
Among the issues, Barra's leadership in the delayed recall and GM's alleged illegal firing of injured workers in
Colombia. They believe the corporation has hurt the rights of women.
"We don't hear about all the other women ... How am I going to feed my kids because my husband
has been illegally fired? How am I going to support my family now that a relative of mine has been killed in a car accident due to GM's negligence? I think we need to shift the conversation to those women," says Diana Sierra with the Graduate Employees' Organization.
The decision to have Mary Barra as the Spring commencement speaker was made in late March, but
a university spokesman says they never wavered on that decision.
"We have great confidence in her leadership and everything we know about her and have read about her says she is a great leader for GM. We think she is going to be a great speaker for our graduates on Saturday," says U of M spokesman RIck Fitzgerald.
Caroline Braden is one of the estimated 10,000 students who will be attending Spring commencement. She says she's looking forward to the speech and hopes to learn more about Barra's life.
"How she's gotten to where she is now ...what she's gone through and any words of inspiration and advice that she has," says Braden.
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