Sounding off on graffiti in Detroit in the Channel 7 Rant Vant

DETROIT (WXYZ) - The Rant Van is hitting the road, a mobile t-v studio, ready to record what matters to you!  Today's hot topic, graffiti in the Motor City!

For way too long, Detroit has been the wild, wild, west for graffiti artists. With countless abandoned buildings to use as a canvas and little fear of getting caught, graffiti has taken over the Motor City. Not any longer. 

Detroit police are now cracking down on graffiti artists. Over the past several months, more than a dozen people have arrested for malicious destruction of property.

But is the crackdown warranted?  Some argue graffiti is art and nicer to look at than an abandoned building.

On Tuesday, Detroit residents stopped by the Rant Van to sound off about graffiti. Click on the video player to hear what they had to say.

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