Handyman Joe Gentz decides against withdrawing guilty plea in murder of Jane Bashara

(WXYZ) - Handyman Joseph Gentz appeared in court Wednesday morning to withdraw his guilty plea in the murder of Jane Bashara, but then he changed his mind.

Gentz appeared before Judge Vonda Evans Wednesday morning, He intended to withdraw his guilty plea but told the judge he no longer wanted to do so.

He didn't give a reason for changing his mind and appeared nervous before the judge, speaking only to his attorney.

Judge Evans was not pleased with Gentz and gave him a short a tongue-lashing saying "this is not a game Mr. Gentz." She warned Gentz not to waste the court's time or county's money in the future.

In December Gentz pleaded guilty to Second Degree Murder in the death of Jane Bashara. He was sentenced to 17 to 28 years in prison in exchange for his testimony against her husband, Bob Bashara. 

Bob Bashara has been charged with First Degree Murder. Gentz told the court that Bashara offered him money to kill his wife and forced him to do it. That's a claim Bashara has denied. 

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