Source: Murdered mom turned to church to save troubled marriage

With all of the questions surrounding the murder of Lisa Kindred, one thing is undisputed; she and her husband had a very stormy on-again, off-again relationship.

On February 19, 1998, about 15 months before her murder, Lisa Kindred filed for divorce in Macomb County Circuit Court, citing emotional and physical abuse by her husband. Three days later, Lisa filed a petition for a personal protection order saying Will Kindred was seen driving in and out of the parking lot at her place of employment. The couple separated and later got back together.

According to a source, Lisa went back to Will later that year and joined a church in Roseville in an effort to save their marriage. The source says Lisa and Will attended church regularly for a period of time but stopped going about the time Lisa became pregnant with their last child.

The source says Will Kindred returned to the church on the morning of Lisa's murder and interrupted the service to notify the pastor of Lisa's death.


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