South Lyon couple loses 310 lbs on Extreme Makeover Weight Loss

(WXYZ) - A South Lyon couple is adjusting to their new lives after being featured on ABC Network's Extreme Makeover Weight Loss.

Jason and Rachel Cornellier spent a year being followed by cameras for the show as they worked out with celebrity fitness trainer Chris Powell.

Rachel, who is a mom to 6-year-old twins,weighed nearly 300 lbs when she applied to be on the show.

" I just wanted to be the very best mother that I could be and I knew that at that weight I wasn't," said Rachel.

After a year of sweat-pouring workouts, she lost 145 lbs while her husband lost 165 lbs.

"I still grab a 4X, 2X and a large, medium because I don't know what I look like," said Jason.

Both Jason and Rachel are excited about their transformations, but said each day can be a struggle to stay on the healthy path.

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