Southeast Michigan Council of Governments votes to move $7 million in transit funds to SMART

(WXYZ) - Despite a last-minute appeal from Detroit Mayor Dave Bing and others, Southeast Michigan Council of Governments has voted to move $7 million dollars in Federal Transit Capital Funds from The Detroit Department of Transportation buses to SMART, the suburban bus system. 

SEMCOG controls the allocation of a total of $41 million in federal funds.

The funding formula is now 50.5 percent to DDOT, 47.5 percent to SMART and 1 percent to the Detroit People Mover. 

The previous formula was 65 percent DDOT and 35 percent SMART. The vote was 22 yes, 9 no among those local government officials attending the meeting Friday afternoon. 

Mayor Bing and others said 100,000 Detroit City residents ride DDOT buses every day to get to work, school and other needs.  And Detroit with its financial crisis can not afford to move money from other parts of its budget to make up the loss.

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