State-appointed review team finds Hamtramck is in financial emergency

Gov. Snyder has 10 days to decide to appoint EM

HAMTRAMCK, Mich. (WXYZ) - Another Michigan city could be on the verge of having the state appoint an emergency manager. A state report makes it official, but Mayor Karen Majewski says Hamtramck leaders have known for years the city is in a state of financial emergency.

"We've been working to try to resolve our financial problems for the last couple of years." said Majewski, "And finally, the council requested the state come and do its audit."

The state's financial review team revealed Hamtramck faces a $3.3 million deficit in its general fund in addition to delays to its pension funds totaling $1.6 million.

"So it's not a surprise," said Majewski, "But now the task is before us to try and work through this crisis." 

The findings could usher in a state-appointed Emergency Manager for Hamtramck. Mayor Majewski says she's open to finding financial solutions in a collaborative way.

"[We need to] work together as well as work with the state in whatever capacity," said Majewski, "Because we don't know what the final outcome will be of this report."

Governor Snyder now has 10 days to decide whether Hamtramck will get an E.M. In the meantime, Majewski and city council members say they'll be meeting to come up with their collective response to the state financial panel's findings.

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