'I didn't have any other choice,' says senior citizen who killed intruder

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Willie White and his wife, Henrietta, have lived in their Detroit home for nearly 40 years, and early Tuesday Mr. White says he did what he had to do to protect Henrietta, his home and himself.

"If he was brazen enough to come and kick my door in, he's brazen enough to do me in," says the 75-year-old White. "I didn't realize until the police was there that he did have a pistol."

Around 1:00 a.m. Tuesday morning, Mr. White heard someone breaking into his home through the side door. He grabbed his rifle that was loaded with one single round and just as an intruder was entering the kitchen, White pulled the trigger.

The intruder died from a single gunshot wound to the chest. Detroit police say the 18-year-old intruder had been armed with a gun.

Two others believed to be involved fled on foot.

The home invasion and fatal shooting came a day after someone broke the White's fence in the backyard and a rear window. At the time White feared those responsible came back.

"I was hoping it wouldn't happen, but I don't know, I was somewhat expecting they might come back. That they weren't satisfied", said White.

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