Pastor Marvin Winans testifies in carjacking case

DETROIT (AP) - Prominent minister Marvin Winans has testified during the preliminary examinations for three men charged with carjacking him at a Detroit gas station.

Winans is pastor of Perfecting Church and delivered singer Whitney Houston's eulogy in February.

Testimony in the case ended Monday in Detroit District Court, and Judge Robbie Archer is expected to determine Tuesday if the suspects stand trial.

Twenty-year-olds Montoya Givens and Christopher Moorehead and 18-year-old Brian Young are charged with carjacking, unarmed robbery and conspiracy. The charges carry up to life in prison.

Winans was attacked May 16 while pumping gas. The robbers took his SUV, Rolex watch and cash.

He testified that as he was being punched and kicked, one of his attackers said: "Get that money. Get that money."

The 54-year-old sustained bruises and scrapes.

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