Detroit reports recent computer security breach affects city workers

DETROIT (WXYZ) - About 1700 Detroit Fire and EMS employees will be getting letters that their personal identity information has been affected by malware that got into city computers. 

Detroit Chief Information Officer Beth Niblock says several files were locked by the malware and it does not appear the personal information was accessed. 

The employees will be offered creditor reporting and identify theft insurance for a year to cover them in case their information was accessed. 

Niblock says this was not a case of someone hacking into the system, and all Detroit City employees will also get new computer training. 

This was first discovered on February 8 and backup files provided the information on which employees are affected. They believe the malware was launched when someone clicked on a link in an email. 

Niblock says "the only safe computer is one that is turned off and unplugged."

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