Judicial watchdog wants Wayne County judge taken off bench; judge pushes back

LANSING, Mich.(WXYZ) - Wayne County Circuit Judge Deborah Ross Adams is called your honor, but she's accused of doing some very dishonorable things. 

They stem from how she handled herself during her own divorce in another judge's courtroom.  Ross Adams was married to former Deputy Detroit Mayor Anthony Adams.

According to the state's Judicial Tenure Commission, who polices judges, Ross Adams forged  the signatures of two of her divorce attorneys on court records.  The JTC also say she wasn't truthful when, under oath, she denied trying to contact the presiding judge in her divorce case by phone. Because of all that, the JTC has asked that Ross Adams be suspended without pay for six months.

But in a surprise move today, the JTC's Examiner Paul Fischer asked for an even harsher penalty: that Ross Adams to be taken off the bench entirely. Lying under oath, he said, warrants a harsher punishment than just a suspension.

Ross Adam's lawyer pushed back, insisting that the judge was under lots of pressure during her divorce.  In the past, Ross Adams has said the JTC's allegations lacked proof.

The State Supreme Court is expected to decide on Ross Adam's punishment in the next two or three months.


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