New Michigan charity poker rules going into effect

(WXYZ) - New rules are cutting charity poker games in Michigan from being played 7 days a week to only 4, and hundreds of small charities around Michigan say it will cost them millions of dollars over the long run in lost revenue. 

The new rules are being imposed by the Michigan Gaming Control Board. This also lifts a moratorium on new locations for charity poker games. 

The MGCB has shut down almost two dozen poker rooms because operators got greedy breaking state rules and limits. 

The Michigan Senate on a vote of 37-0 passed SB 878 that would bring the games back to 7 days a week with state oversight. 

The Michigan House has a committee hearing set for Tuesday morning on that bill in Lansing. The final decision is up to Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. 

Charity poker room operators and charity organizers say Detroit's three casinos and Indian casinos around the state are pressuring the state to cut the number of charity games. 

At the 4 Aces Poker Room inside the Hangover Bar on 13 mile in Roseville, charities were being scheduled for the rest of this year through a raffle, because the number of games is being reduced. 

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