State Senate considers bills that could double fuel tax to raise money for road repairs

(WXYZ) - The latest WXYZ TV, Detroit Free Press Polls shows Michigan voters are willing to pay more to fix roads. 

But Americans for Prosperity says no new taxes are needed.

Michigan has two taxes on gas a road use tax and a state sales tax.  The sales tax raised about $1 billion a year but that money does not go to roads. It goes to revenue sharing for local units of government and schools. 

AFP says lawmakers need to reallocate it to the roads. 

It is not known when State Legislators will have a final plan to fix the roads. On the table are gas tax increases, sales tax increases, higher fees for vehicle registration and toll roads. 

Most of the new money would go into road improvements after January 1, 2015. 

But the Director of MDOT says some short term borrowing could be done against the new money to do some road projects this year.

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