Steve Utash writes letter of thanks after recovery following attack by angry mob

(WXYZ) - The man who was severely beaten by an angry mob after he stopped to help a boy he hit with his truck, has issued a letter of thanks to everyone who has wished him well.

Steve Utash gave his daughter a letter which she posted on the gofundme page that had been set up to help with his medical expenses.

Utash was assaulted by a group of men after striking the 10-year-old boy on April 2 after the child darted into traffic on Detroit's east side.

Doctors say Utash sustained trauma to the head and immediately after the attack was placed in a medically induced coma.

Read the letter below:

Today is Sunday August 3rd and tomorrow I go back to work. I have no damage to my mind and body I am just fine. Its been a long wait for the OK from the doctors.

Its finally here, tomorrow I will finally get my life back. Well I just have to thank all the THOUSANDS of people from all over the world that gave me their love and support with their words and their donations.

When I think of everyone that was there for me it brings me to tears to feel what I only can describe as love from strangers. I really don't know how to write my feelings in words to show what all of you people have made me feel, which was important, and special. I have NEVER felt so connected to so many people. Some of the get well cards from the elementary school, they're words of a child but wisdom was the same as a grown adult. All were raising me above the wrong that was done to me.

When the whole world is on your side its a great feeling. My side is that I stopped to help the kid that ran into the side of my truck, he would have died if i hit him with the front. We both have a lot to be thankful for. I do not use computers my daughter does.

So that's why you don't hear from me more. I like to write more but its hard to write about things that I feel. But please with all my heart I want people to know every time I go over the support I have received I cry like a new born baby waiting to experience their fullness of life. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I'll always remember all of you loving people. Thank you to Debbie Hughes who threw her body over mine to stop the crowd from killing me, she sure is a brave woman.

Also, thank you to all the medical people that surrounded me. I notice people in the medical field are all angels here to make other peoples life continue. Without them, where would we go? Thank you to the people at St. Johns hospital, thank you to the people at DMC Rehab facility. Everything about what happen to me was worth it to feel the pure love of mankind in its purist form. People are love, and I love you all. Thank you.

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