Stranger danger reported in Milford

(WXYZ) - A community is on edge after reports of children being targeted at after-school events by at least one registered sex offender. 

An alert from the Huron Valley School District warned parents by email and voicemail that their kids could be in danger. 

In the last week, there have been four separate incidents with as many as four potential people accosting young children.

Police sources tell 7 Action News that different men on separate occasions have approached elementary and middle school age kids in the area and acted inappropriately-- some with gestures, others by staring or winking. 

One mother, Becky Sikina, said she watched a man slowly driving next to children as they were walking back to the Milford Dance Academy. The kids ending up running away from the driver and Becky called 911. 

"It just scares me as a mother," said Becky. 

But perhaps the most disturbing incident happened at Starbucks in downtown Milford where police responded quickly and identified the guy as a registered sex offender.

They've turned in paperwork to the Oakland County Prosecutor's Office to file criminal charges given his history.

Tips from police include walking in groups, avoiding strangers and most of all--telling a teacher or parent if someone approaches them.


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