Stranger tries to lure 12-year-old into car near Troy bus stop

(WXYZ) - Sarah Kelley is furious and frightened.

She wants to know who tried to lure her 12 year-old daughter over to his car Thursday morning as she walked to the bus stop just down the street from home near Square Lake and John R. Road in Troy. 

Sarah says her daughter said  he rolled down his window and said "come over here." Her daughter then took off running and hid until the school bus came.   

Sarah's daughter called her from the middle school and told her what happened. 

As soon as Sarah heard the description of the car, it sounded familiar. It was an older white full sized station wagon, possibly a Ford with damage to the driver's side front quarter panel. 

Sarah says she remembers seeing that same car parked at the end of her street on Saturday night.

"It clicked to me that he had been here before--he was sitting in car, smoking cigarette. 

She called police that night because she felt like something was out of place, but the car took off before the cops got there.

After hearing what happened to her daughter, she's confident it was the same man.

"I want people to know, if you teach your kids what to do...what not to do...maybe there will be less abductions... and maybe these idiots will get the point," said Sarah. 

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