Study finds woman's hospital choice could play role in chance of having C-section

(WXYZ) - Consumer Reports is raising new concerns about the number of women getting C-sections in the U.S.

Researchers looked at data from 1,500 hospitals in 22 states.

According to findings published Thursday morning, almost one-third of babies are delivered by C-section nationwide.

In several hospitals, researchers found more than 50 percent of pregnant women who expected to have a low-risk delivery (meaning they have never had a C-section before, don't deliver prematurely and are pregnant with a single baby who is properly positioned), still undergo a C-section.

Consumer Reports also found a woman's choice of where she delivers her baby could play a role in her chance of having a C-section.

C-section rates ranged from less than 5 percent in some hospitals to more than 50 percent in others, according to the study.

Doctors say part of the problem is the misconception that C-sections are the easy way out.

"There's consequences of performing cesarean sections in that some of those patients will need repeat cesarean sections, some of those patients will have an increase in infections, readmissions to the hospital, things like that," said Dr. Robert A. Graeba from the Monmouth Medical Center in New Jersey.

Researchers recommend women ask their hospital about its C-section rates.

Women should look for hospitals with a C-section rate that is less than the national average of 18 percent, according to Consumer Reports.

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