STUDY: Tooth Fairy becoming more generous

(WXYZ) - A new study finds that the "Tooth Fairy" is dishing out more cash in 2012, compared to last year.

Visa surveyed 2,000 people over the phone and found that on average, the "Tooth Fairy" pays about $3 per tooth. That's a 17% increase since 2011.

However, some kids receive less than $3. The survey found 3% of children receive less than $1 and 30% receive exactly $1.

The survey also found that a couple of children received up to $20 per tooth.

Visa is also launching a free app on Tuesday that can help the "Tooth Fairy" calculate how much money to give per tooth.

It factors in Visa's survey data along with demographic factors such as gender, age, home state, income and education levels. Based on that information, the app produces a recommended amount that is similar to what other households with the same demographics are giving children.

The app is available at the iTunes store, but you can also access the Tooth Fairy calculator by clicking here .

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