Supreme Court decision could help fix Congress, reform gerrymandering

(WXYZ) - When the Supreme Court wrapped up its term last month, everyone was focused on two major decisions. The first was upholding the federal subsidies for the Affordable Care Act, and the other was legalizing same-sex marriage.

But after those were handed down, the court issued a few other major decisions, including one that could fix everyone's favorite punching bag, Congress.

It stemmed from a case in Arizona where an independent, nonpartisan commission draws congressional districts.

In many states, the state legislature is responsible for doing that every 10 years. So lawmakers sued, saying the independent commission was unconstitutional. But the supreme court disagreed.

Now, in Michigan, the state legislature draws those districts, so whichever party wins those crucial elections has the power to control congressional districts for the next decade.

In a recent Detroit Free Press guest column, Jocelyn Benson, dean of Wayne State University's Law School wrote, "An independent redistricting commission can protect our representative democracy from being choked into extinction by partisanship and self-interest."

She joined The Now Detroit to talk more about the issue.

You can see her interview in the video player above.

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