Surgery planned for girl who was attacked by raccoon as a baby

(WXYZ) -  It's been 11 years since Charlotte Ponce's life changed dramatically.

When she was just 3 months old, she was mauled by a pet raccoon and has since undergone several major reconstructive surgeries.

On Monday, at Royal Oak Beaumont Children's Hospital, Charlotte is all smiles. Doctors have already successfully performed surgery on her upper lip, cheek and nose.

On Tuesday, a revolutionary procedure lasting 6-8 hours, doctors will carve cartilage from Charlotte's ribs into the shape of an ear and implant it under her forearm.

Within 8 weeks, the skin will mold to the shape of an ear.

Her story is an inspiration--not just in her hometown of Muskegon, but all over the world.

Charlotte says after the surgery she's looking forward to having both ears pierced and picking out earrings.