Suspects in carjacking case charged

(WXYZ) -  

Police say three suspects were charged in the Detroit carjacking that ended in a car chase on Monday.

They are 18-year-old Amiri Naylor, 18-year-old Derrius Simmons and 21-year-old Charelle Smith. 

Police say two suspects approached a woman who was standing outside of her vehicle, one pointing a weapon at her and demanding the car.

The suspects then drove off with her 79-year-old brother who has dementia; he was sitting in the backseat of the car at the time. 

The suspects drove to Whithorn and Drifton where they picked up two females with the elderly man still in the vehicle, police say. 

In another neighborhood, police say, the suspects pushed the male victim out of the car.

Police tried to stop the driver, and when he refused a chase ensued. The suspect eventually stopped the vehicle. 

All four suspects were caught and arrested. Both the woman and elderly man were not injured, according to police. 

The preliminary examination for the three defendants will be held on November 1 at 9 a.m. 

The three were also charged in an unrelated case. According to police, the three allegedly robbed and assaulted a couple outside of a store on Gratiot and Loretta on October 18. 

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