Swearing at work could affect your career

(WXYZ) - If your mother ever told you to watch your language as a kid, that may have been good advice for your career.

A new survey from CareerBuilder finds using profanity on the job could affect your success in the workplace.

CareerBuilder surveyed more than 6,000 employers and employees about profanity in the workplace.

About 64 percent of bosses said they would think less of a worker who swears repeatedly at work; 57 percent of employers said they'd be less likely to promote an employee who frequently swears, and 54 percent of bosses said they believe swearing makes a worker seem less intelligent.

"The majority of employers told us they think less of a person and they really question their professionalism. They also talk about questioning the lack of control and their maturity," said Michael Erwin from CareerBuilder.

The survey also found men were more likely than women to swear in the workplace and people between the ages of 35 and 44 reported swearing the most frequently.

CareerBuilder also ranked the top ten cities where employees reported swearing the most at work. Washington, D.C. was ranked first.

    1. Washington, D.C.
    2. Denver
    3. Chicago
    4. Los Angeles
    5. Boston
    6. Atlanta
    7. Minneapolis
    8. Phoenix
    9. New York
    10. Philadelphia

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