Task force: I-96 shootings are an act of domestic terrorism

(WXYZ) - The task force investigating 24 shootings in two weeks in four counties from Detroit to Lansing is now calling this a case of domestic terrorism.

That ramps up the rules of engagement in the investigation.

Anyone who looks like the suspect, driving a car like the suspect will be stopped and thoroughly checked out.

Officers will treat these as serious felony cases, meaning they will call for backup before closing in.

Nine bullets have been linked in the cases and they appear to be from a big handgun, a 9mm, 38 caliber or even a 357 Magnum.

The profile of the suspect is somebody who could be enjoying his time in the news, and may believe he is above people and above the law by continuing his shootings with two more this past Saturday on I-96 in Fowlerville.

The reward money has been increased to $102,000. Anyone who has information can call Crimestoppers at 1-800-SPEAK-UP.

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