Ted Nugent Signs One Of A Kind Guitar For Charity

Nugent "Battle Axe" To Benfit "Artists for Autism"

Jackson County, MI (WXYZ) - They call him the motor city madman, for good reason.

Ted Nugent lives on a planet in a slightly different orbit than the rest of us.

He's well known for his survivalist brand of conservatism that unabashedly embraces guns and hunting just about anything that moves.

"I get to come out on a nasty cold Michigan day with people killing pigs!" Nugent exclaims during a hunt at his Jackson area ranch recently. "Its perfect!  Are you kidding me? Like I can say no to this. "

But what you may miss in his primordial rock 'n roll persona, Ted Nugent has a really big heart.

"You know we do donations literally a couple hundred times a year to every imaginable children's and military charity. And my blood brothers, very loving and caring Americans, always dig very deep if its for the children or for the military we always raise massive amounts of cash with these incredibly generous donations. Whether it's a guitar or a gun or a bow or a bloody arrow or a shank or a carcass. I actually sign shanks and haunches!" Nugent cackles. "Has Tom Petty ever signed a shank?"

On this day Nugent is about to sign a one-of-a-kind guitar donated by Peavey and customized by local artists Rich Wright and John Rios . The proceeds will benefit "Artists for Autism. "

"Somehow there's always some connectivity with autism. " Wright says. "Kids with autism and with the arts, whether its music,  whether it be painting or drawing, anything like that for some weird concept there's always a connection.   So it's something that's been dear to my heart. "

For a look at the unique guitar click here . And for details on the auction to raise money for "Artists for Autism" click here .

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