Teen accepts plea deal in connection with brutal beating of Steve Utash

A second teenager has accepted a plea deal in the brutal beating of Steve Utash.
The teen is being charged as a juvenile because he was 16 years old at the time of the attack.
He's now 17 and testified in juvenile court that he punched Utash in the head two times back on April 2nd in Detroit.
Solomon Radner is the teen's attorney. He says his client made a bad decision after seeing Utash accidentally hit a boy with his truck.
"Unfortunately, he did what a lot of 16 year old's would do and he made a bad decision," says Radner.
He went on to say "It was the wrong thing to do .. then he ran away. He didn't know that several minutes later an angry mob of  people would almost kill Mr. Utash. My client was never the one stomping on his face and absolutely did not intend to kill him like some of the other defendants may have."
In a plea deal, the teen pleaded guilty to assault with intent to do great bodily harm less than murder. 
In exchange, the ethnic intimidation charge was dropped and he has agreed to testify for the prosecution.
On Monday, 18-year-old Bruce Wimbush , who Radner says was with his client at the time of the attack, also took a plea deal.
Three others have also been charged in the attack that left Utash brutally beaten.
Radner says his client never made racist remarks toward Utash and doesn't understand why the ethnic intimidation charge was filed against him.
His client's parents agree and wrote a statement for Radner to read.
In part it says:
"We are not racist. We resented the fact that he was initially charged with a hate crime. We have never taught racism in our home. It is something that we do not tolerate ever. We continue to pray for Mr. Utash and his family."
The teen will be placed with Wayne County Child & Family Services. His status will be reviewed in 3 months.
Action News reached out to the family of Steve Utash for comment, but we haven't heard back so far.
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