Teen needs help to get to football championship

DETROIT (WXYZ) - At just 13 years old, Jowaun White of Detroit is a junior football player who can really run and hit.

And he's a brave competitor who just loves to play football.

That's why Jowaun plays noseguard for The American Youth Football League's Junior Cubs. Jowaun doesn't just like playing football, he's very good at it.

In fact, for the last two years, his football team has won the Michigan state championship and now, they are just 10-days away from going to compete for the national championship in Orlando,  Florida.

There's just one problem: Jowaun may not get to go to that big, game, because he doesn't have the $450.00 that it will take to make the trip.

Jowaun is from a broken home and is now being raised by his 73-year-old grandmother Dorothy.

Dorothy is also raising  four other grandchildren as well.

All of this on a Social Security Check of less than a $1,000 a month.

So, Jowaun keeps practicing and praying  that somehow he'll get to go play for his team.

We at Channel 7 News are taking action for him, trying to raise the money that he needs.

If you would like to donate to help send Jowaun to Orlando for that 9-day trip, please email me Bill Spencer at bspencer@wxyz.com.

You will be granting this teen's biggest wish.

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