Teen who had his bike stolen gets new ride

(WXYZ) - For 17-year-old Hassan Nasrallah, walking into a bike shop is like walking into an amusement park, like walking into the Shrine Circus.

I mean Hassan is really excited.

Hassan went to visit Great Lakes Cycling And Fitness in Ann Arbor, where he was going to get a new bike.

"I'm so excited, I can't wait to see it", Hassan said before he received the gift.

Yes, Hassan is excited, but just three weeks ago he was heartbroken after his most prized possession, his Mongoose XR-75 bike, the bike he uses to deliver his paper route, was ripped-off in broad daylight.

That's when Hassan, who is autistic, sent me a very special gift card, begging me to help him get his bike back.

Right away, I contacted Oscar Bustos, owner of Great Lakes Cycling, to see if we could get Hassan a much nicer bike than the one that was stolen from him.

Now, inside this fantasy land for bike lovers, we take Hassan on a tour of the best bikes around: Bikes with disc brakes, bikes with 21 speeds, bikes that look more like space craft than something you pedal with your feet.

Hassan asks questions, a lot of them, mostly about gears and brakes and tires.

And finally, at last, it's time for the big moment. Hassan is so excited, he is literally heard squeaking with joy.

What are we giving this kind teenager with the big smile?

It's a $500,  21-speed, Giant Revell II bicycle.

Hassan lets out a low gasp when Oscar wheels the bike up to him and within minutes Hassan is back in the saddle and riding his brand new, super bike.

As he pedals by, I ask him "how are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling very happy and Bill Spencer changed by life", he says, picking up speed and shifting into 10th gear.

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