Teen with Down syndrome named homecoming king

MARYSVILLE, Mich. (WXYZ) - To the students at Marysville High School, Mike Bogumil is not a Down syndrome teen.

He is a teen who just happens to have Down syndrome. 

When he greets members of the football team, they shout: "Sup, yo," as in "What's up, yo?"  Then, the teens exchange high-fives.

He has been nicknamed "Sup Yo Mike" and happens to be one of the most popular kids in school. 

"I love school," said Bogumil.

Marysville High School loves Bogumil, too.  He was recently voted homecoming king by students.

It's the exact opposite from a recent situation in West Branch where a girl was nominated to the homecoming court as a joke.

It all started for Bogumil when his best friend, quarterback Josh Smith, and other football friends rallied to get him on the ballot.

"It just blossomed and the whole school got behind him and Sup Yo Mike Bogumil-- the king-- was born," said his teacher Helen Taylor.

"He deserves it more than anyone I know," said Smith. "You never met anybody like him because no matter what you do, he's going to be the nicest person possible to you."

Mike's favorite part about homecoming was wearing his crown and cape.

He enjoys putting a smile on other people's faces and as soon as the bell rings Bogumil is one of the most sought after students.

"Michael has been loved since he's been here at Marysville High School and he's certainly makes our building better he brings love to the building," said principal Bill Farnsworth. "During lunch people fight to sit with Michael."

When Bogumil graduates, staff and students say that smile and spirit that lights up the halls will truly be missed.

The senior wants to go to college, take cooking lessons, and continue working at Pizza Hut.

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