Teen with unknown disease getting help from Mayo Clinic

(WXYZ) - Stephanie Madison's daughter has an unknown auto immune disease that causes seizures and has left the young girl paralyzed and unable to speak.

For almost three years, 13-year-old Maysie Madison has needed around the clock care. Stephanie is in desperate need to send her daughter to the Mayo Clinic.

Doctors there believe they can help with Maysie’s seizure disorder and the Mayo Clinic has taken her case on as charity .

Her mom thinks if experts can get the seizures to stop, Maysie may have a real shot at making significant improvements.

The only problem is because Maysie is on a ventilator, and has brittle bone syndrome, she has to be airlifted which can cost up to $12,000, one way.

When our viewers heard that, they sprang into action.

“Definitely, we need to get  her there so Advent is going to play that part,” said Carlia Cichon, owner of ADVENT Home Medical, Inc.

Maysie is a respiratory patient of ADVENT, and when the owner heard she needed help, they decided to pitch in and help pay for her way to the mayo.

“All of our patients are on life support,” said Cichon.  “So when I saw Maysie was on TV, I said I think that’s our patient.”

“When I personally saw it, I made a phone call,” said Pam York, staff member at Moselm Shriners.

Moslem Shriners stepped in and will cover the bill for Maysie to be airlifted home  and any other health expense she may have due to another illness.

“I can’t wait to meet her. We all love you. We’re all praying for you and the best of luck to you,” said York to Maysie.

“There’s a lot of people out here that’s willing to do that if it’s brought to their attention and that’s why we have to thank Channel 7 for sure,” said Cichon.

Maysie’s mom says she is overwhelmed and humbled by all of the support.

She told 7 Action News this takes a huge weight off of her and now she can focus on helping Maysie get better.

They leave Sept. 23 for Mayo Clinic.

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