Teens rob woman at ATM machine in Warren

(WXYZ) - Four teens are in custody for allegedly robbing a woman in broad daylight at an ATM machine in  Warren.

It happened after 3:30 Sunday at the Comerica Bank off of 10 Mile near Ryan.

A 47-year-old Hazel park woman had pulled some extra cash from the ATM when the suspects approached.

At least one was armed with a gun and another had a vehicle securing device known as "The Jack." 

They demanded the victim hand over money, ATM cards, and the keys to her car.

As she handed it over, she tricked the three teens standing in the parking lot next to her by saying her husband is a cop.

That's when the robbers took off with her cash after giving her back her cards and keys. But, the victim wasn't going to let them go that easily. 

"She flagged down a bystander, told him that she was just robbed by a vehicle, gave a description, pointed it out… and then that vehicle began following the suspect vehicle until he was able to flag down an officer," said Detective Steve Campbell.  "That officer was then able to locate an officer and then gave a short pursuit of chase after the vehicle."

Three teens were arrested in minutes.  A girl, in her teens was taken into custody as the getaway driver.

Investigators believe they had been hiding out in a nearby parking lot to pick out their targest and swoop in.

According to police, luckily someone there was a close enough bystander to assist police.

"It was definitely a good samaritan who was able  to be there and assist and was willing to help somebody out.," said Detective Campbell.  "We have alot of problems with people who are afraid to help.  They don't want to get involved because they are afraid of reprecussions.  in this case, everything worked out well."

The teens almsot got away with forty bucks but now they are most likely to face life in prison for armed robbery.

"$40, life felonies… for $40, it just doesn't seem worth it," said Detective Campbell.

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