Test blood simply by using your smartphone?

(WXYZ) - Imagine being able to test your blood, simply by sticking your finger on your phone.

A startup called Qloudlab is working to develop the world's first touchscreen based biosensor.

This biosensor would be incredibly helpful to patients who have to make numerous trips to the hospital for blood monitoring.

The startup says the technology would be able to turn your smartphone touchscreen into a device capable of reading your blood.

There would be no plug in required-it would work with a simple disposable layer that you could place on your screen.

Qloudlab says that most smartphones come embedded with sensors. Those sensors that are normally used for finger tracking, could also detect other disruptions such as a droplet of blood which could be analyzed.

Additional reports indicate that the creators are hoping to roll out the product in 2015: http://bit.ly/1ovB0vX

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