The City of Detroit is investigating missing money

DETROIT (WXYZ) - Detroit City Council fired a lot of questions at the head of the city's Finance Department Assessments Division and the city's finance director after more than $300,000 was reported missing from the division.

The report shows $159,000 is missing in checks and another $150,000 is missing from cash registers over the course of three years since 2007.

Several council members were furious.

Chief Assessor Linda Bade told council the case is being investigated by the Detroit Police Department's Internal Affairs.

The finance director added there has been reorganization within the Assessments Division which now includes policies that only allow one employee to have access to registers.

Several employees were allowed to have access to the cash in the previous policy. Bade told council it was an oversight that has been corrected through new polices.

Since no one has been caught in the case of the missing money and could still be working in the department, city councilmen Ken Cockrel asked leaders in the division if all of the employees working there should be fired.

Cockrel and other council members will be meeting with members of the Finance Department Assessments Division in weeks.

Cockrel told them he still has a lot of questions.

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