The fight against blight in Detroit continues

(WXYZ) - It was area of emphasis for Mayor Bing, and in his first State of the City address, Mayor Mike Duggan is expected to announce an additional $20 million will be put to work to tear down fire-damaged and abandoned homes across Detroit.

Blight across the city continues to be a major stumbling block to real progress.

Franklin Long says a vacant house on the opposite corner from his home is a neighborhood problem spot.

"We come together as a community, but we just need it tore down because no matter what we do, stuff keeps happening, I mean, it look terrible," said Franklin.

Ethel Long is a neighbor but no relation to Franklin. She's lived in her home on Minock for 37 years.

"It makes the neighborhood look bad and it also cause problems with people going into the vacant houses and children walking to school," said Ethel. 

While this block of Minock is in pretty good shape overall, one street over, on Westwood, Chad Allen looks out at a blighted house -- across the street from his well-kept home.

"It's a nice house and it's surrounded by this blight, you know, it makes me want to do something about it," said Allen. 


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